How We Get By

What do YOU do? I get asked this a lot when meeting new people.. internally it causes a bit of a panic attack, mostly because I'm not sure how much time they have in their day for me to explain it. 


I recently attended/photographed a talk called "How We Get By" at Lesley University hosted by Tim Devin, Jason Pramas and Matt Kaliner. It featured a panel of 10 artist, as well as Mr. Devin himself,  talking about how they actually get by. It was a bit of an eye opener for me because I came to the realization that we were all, very much so, in the same boat.  One artist, Coelynn  McIninch, spoke about having a bevy of  jobs that , while they didn't particularly relate to her art, they certainly helped to fuel it. One of the things stuck with me so much, that it inspired me to take out my pens and watercolor pencils. "Never apologize for whatever it is you have to do to make your art".



I ended up being the photographer for the event as just a little over a month before, I'd shot Matt's wedding. Matt and I's friendship is more complex than just photographer/client, but through knowing him I agreed to shoot the event under the guise of exposure. I'm pretty well known for doing this for friends. While it's not always financially feasible, I do consider it to be part of my "art". The Honk! parade for instance.. While I was happy to share and use the photos to promote Somerville Open Studios (have I mentioned that I am also SOS2015's coordinator?) I absolutely enjoyed figuring out the most creative way to showcase the color, life, and excitement of the parade AS WELL AS showcasing what Somerville Open Studios has to offer. Those photos can be seen here


In the big picture, I've taken on many non-art jobs to help fund all of my art related jobs. The most notable being nanny, landlord (this is undoubtedly the most frustrating) and managing a little store in Cambridge called Hubba Hubba (this gets the vote for most entertaining). My art related work is expansive and ultimately gives me the most pleasure. Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, painter, teacher.. The list can go on. 


The goal for my blog is to feature all of these projects and jobs that I take on to be an artist and to get by. They are always fun or at the very least interesting in some way or form. I hope you'll check in to see what's going on in studio. This summer promises to be a busy one. Coming up, a design for a custom beer label for an old friends wedding.